Zoe Denenberg, President

Screen Shot 2016-02-28 at 2.55.34 PM Year: 3rd

Major: History and English (Modern Literature and Culture)

Hometown:Short Hills, New Jersey

Why do you love being in a sorority?Not only has being a member of a sorority helped me build meaningful, lasting relationships, but being a part of the ISC as a whole has greatly enriched my UVA experience. I am constantly inspired by the 2,700 women in our community – I have found friends, role models and mentors who constantly encourage and challenge me. The genuine support base I have found in Greek life is unlike that in any other community I am a part of on Grounds.

What does President entail? As President, I have the privilege of leading the largest women’s organization on Grounds. This entails interfacing with UVa administrators, faculty, students, and alumni on issues facing the greater Greek community. Within the ISC, at weekly meetings, I coordinate the actions of 16 ISC chapters and presidents for collective scholarship, philanthropy, and sisterhood events. 

Goals for the ISCAs ISC President, my overarching goal is to foster a greater sense of unity in the ISC community and beyond. By increasing the ISC’s transparency and implementing feedback systems open to all chapter members, I hope to continue to bridge the gap between ISC leadership and individual chapter members. I will also work to strengthen the ISC’s relationship with our philanthropy, the Women’s Center, to continue to empower sorority women and provide them with opportunities and resources that specifically address their needs.Third, and lastly, I will increase the ISC’s connection and collaboration with the other three Greek councils and the wider Charlottesville community. Our diversity is a major source of our strength, and I will continue working to create a more welcoming and inclusive environment.

Reasons to contact you: Please contact me if you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions for the ISC. Additionally, please reach out to me if your CIO or organization would like to co-sponsor an event with the ISC.

Contact information: zad4hc@virginia.edu

Camille Larmoyeux , Vice President of Administration

Year: 3rd

Screen Shot 2017-11-19 at 4.50.08 PMMajor: Public Policy and Leadership

Hometown:Palm Beach, FL
Why do you love being in a sorority? 
I love the support system that my sisterhood gives me. Not only do we make amazing memories and have outrageous fun together, but more importantly, my sisters are always here for me when times are tough. When I walk through the doors of my chapter, I know that I can rely on these women to be supportive and encouraging. I’m so thankful that the Greek community led me to such a great group of women.

 What does VP of Administration entail? As Vice President of Administration, I manage all activities for the ISC’s spending budget. I also preside over weekly meetings of ISC Representatives – who are the voting body for bylaw changes. Lastly, I am responsible for the creation of New Member education in the spring.

Goals for the ISC: This coming year I hope to make the ISC a more inclusive environment for all its members. As VPA, one of my roles is to plan and coordinate our new member education. I would like for new member education to be an opportunity for first year women to realize that they’re not only joining an individual chapter – they’re joining a network of 2,500 ISC women, the largest women’s organization on Grounds. Throughout the semester, I would like to continue promoting inclusivity among the ISC community by hosting such events as networking nights and study abroad mixers so women can connect with other women beyond their individual sororities.

Reasons to contact you: Please contact me with questions regarding New Member Education, the Inter Sorority Council budget (including funding and co sponsorship requests), and the ISC Representative body.

Contact information: cml4wm@virginia.edu


Sarah Hitchcock, Vice President of Judiciary

Year: 3rd
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Major: Public Policy & Leadership and History
Hometown: Virginia Beach, VA
Why do you love being in a sorority? Being a member of such a large group of women has offered me a complete support system by way of role models, intelligent and loyal friends, and a succession of empowerment opportunities. I am inspired and proud to be a part of an organization that places so much emphasis on female advancement.
What does VP of Judiciary entail? As Vice President of Judiciary, I work with ISC representatives to educate the community about Inter-Sorority Council policies. This aims to streamline communication between the ISC and individual chapters. I also deal with questions and violations pertaining to the ISC Standards of Conduct, Bylaws, National Panhellenic Conference rules, and Recruitment Regulations.
Goals for the ISC:My goal this year for the ISC is to make the goals and work of the Inter-Sorority Council more transparent. I would like to involve chapters more on policy making decisions and hold opportunities for discussion about policy initiatives.
Reasons to contact you: Please contact me with any questions or issues regarding the Standards of Conduct, Bylaws, Recruitment Regulations, and/or NPC Rules. 
Contact information: seh4tv@virginia.edu

Hally Carver, Vice President of Recruitment- PNM Affairs

Year: 3rdsenior pic

Major: Commerce and Economics

Hometown: Houston, Texas

Why do you love being in a sorority? I love the sense that I have a “team” behind me. I feel the support that there is always a group of women to encourage and inspire me and this same group of women has my back when I need it. I have learned the importance of loyalty and honest friendships, and grown in my sorority. I am thankful for the opportunity to be bound together by events and to have this team to do life with.

What does VP of Recruitment entail? As Vice president of Recruitment PNM and Pi Chi Management, I am dedicated to the PNM. My goal is to support all potential new members in what can be an emotional process as they consider to join a chapter. I am here for any questions “pnms” may have.

Goals for the ISC: We are delighted that the ISC has recently been growing at a fast rate, and I hope to continue that growth. I want the recruitment process to be more accessible and more fair. I hope that in this position I can respond to all feedback and work to make the ISC a more welcoming community.

Reasons to contact you: If you are a potential new member and would like to know more about the recruitment process please contact me via email 

Contact information: hfc8ec@virginia.edu

Isabel Erdman, Vice President of Recruitment- Chapter Management

Year: 3rd

unnamed-2Major: Speech Communications Disorders, English

Hometown: Suffolk, VA

Why do you love being in a sorority? I love being in a sorority because of the vast amounts of opportunities that have become available to me. I have been able to take on leadership roles in both my chapter and in the Inter-Sorority Council, which has enabled me to grow in various areas and learn more about myself than I originally thought possible. Also, my chapter has given me a home away from home, so to speak. I am surrounded by women who empower and support me in everything I do, and I am confident that these women will continue to influence my life post graduation.

What does your job entail? As VPRCM, I am in charge of organizing and facilitating Formal Recruitment from the perspective of ISC Chapters. Also, I regularly meet with Chapter Recruitment Chairs in order to discuss recruitment policies and regulations, communicate changes to ISC Recruitment Bylaws, and serve as a liaison between the Recruitment Chairs and the ISC Recruitment Executive Board.

Goals for the ISC: I am fully aware of the competitive aspect of recruitment from the chapter side as well as the apparent division of the four Greek Councils. Before I am able to attempt to bridge the divide between the Councils, I need to build a strong relationship with each of the recruitment chairs and promote positive relationships between each of the chapters. In doing this, I hope that I will be able to host open dialogue about recruitment within each of the Councils in order to improve the Formal Recruitment process within the ISC.

Reasons to contact you: I am primarily only in contact with chapter members, specifically Recruitment Chairs and recruitment-related positions. However, please contact me if you have any questions about Formal Recruitment from the chapter perspective.

Email: ine2up@virginia.edu

Kristen Bolinger, Public Relations Chair

Year: 2ndScreen Shot 2018-01-30 at 2.24.02 AM

Major: Commerce
Richmond, VA

Why do you love being in a sorority? Being in a sorority has not only allowed me access to a diverse network of incredible women, but to a number of other opportunities as well. Through my sorority I have achieved academic, social, and leadership growth that is truly priceless.

What does PR Chair entail? My position includes managing the ISC website as well as all of our social media accounts, promoting and organizing ISC events and recruitment, and facilitating communication and relationships among sororities, UVA organizations, and the larger Charlottesville community. In addition, I design marketing materials and write the weekly ISC newsletter, which publicizes sorority philanthropies, news, and events.

Goals for the ISC: Through this position I hope to accurately represent the ISC  to the greater Charlottesville community, while simultaneously working with other Greek councils to recognize their philanthropic events as well.

Reasons to contact you: Feel free to contact me if you want your organization or event to be included in our weekly newsletter, or if you have any interest working with the ISC.

Contact information: kb4em@virginia.edu 


Caroline Hague, Wellness Chair

Year: 3rdScreen Shot 2018-01-29 at 10.22.03 AM

Major: Media Studies with a Social Entrepreneurship Minor

Hometown: Washington, DC

Why do you love being in a sorority? I love being a member of my sorority for the fantastic friendships I have made within my own year and across all pledge classes.I also get to live in the house, spending as much time as I can with these close friends, enjoying meals and making memories. Being part of a sorority is also a way for me to dedicate my time to a philanthropic cause that is close to my heart.

What does Wellness Chair entail? As wellness chair, I am dedicated to improving the mental and physical wellbeing of all sorority women. I hope to help them find a balance of healthy eating, exercise, and relaxation in the midst of a busy and stressful college experience. I help coordinate wellness baskets to lift the spirits of sorority women who are going through challenging times and plan wellness week, full of programs to educate ISC women on how to lead their healthiest lives.  

Goals for the ISC: I aim to offer guest speakers and programming regarding healthy eating, body image, and health relationships. I am hoping to collaborate with the Charlottesville community to provide healthy and affordable exercise classes. I also would like to provide resources for emotional support throughout the recruitment process. 

Reasons to contact you: If you have any ideas on how to improve the wellness amongst UVA sororities, please reach out to me! Also if you are having difficulty finding balance in your own life, feeling unmotivated or struggling with self-confidence and body image, I will do everything I can to connect you with resources on Grounds or in the Charlottesville community.

Contact information: cch3nj@virginia.edu

Gracie Kreth, Community Service Chair

Year: 2ndScreen Shot 2018-01-12 at 10.04.47 PM

Major: English and Media Studies

Hometown: Little Rock, Arkansas

Why do you love being in a sorority? I love being in a sorority for the friends that I have found within my chapter. They have been such a great support system and introduced me to so many opportunities.

What does Community Service Chair entail? As community service chair and the direct point of contact for all chapters’ philanthropies, I am working to promote and improve community service opportunities through the ISC.

Goals for the ISC: Over the next two semesters, I want to work on encouraging more participation in community service between ISC chapters, as well as among all Greek councils by promoting more joint events. I want to be an approachable source for ISC women to help each chapter boost their various philanthropic events and use this position to sponsor a few events for the ISC as a whole.

Reasons to contact you: Please contact me if you have any ideas related to community service or questions regarding the philanthropic aspect of the ISC.

Contact information: rgk3gc@virginia.edu


Erin Dlott, External Interactions Chair

Year: 3rd

unnamed-1Major: Foreign Affairs & Spanish

Hometown: Reston, VA

Why do you love being in a sorority? I love being in a sorority for the incredible community I have become a part of, both within my own chapter and the ISC as a whole. Being in a sorority has provided me with leadership skills, friendships, and memories that will last a lifetime. I’m incredibly thankful for the people I have met in my chapter and for the support system I have received.

What does Internal Interactions Chair entail? The primary purpose of my position is to cultivate connections and partnerships between the ISC, Greek councils, UVA organizations, and the Charlottesville community at large. I aim to provide opportunities for ISC women to get involved in events hosted by other groups on Grounds. I also serve as the ISC representative on the Greek Programming Board, which acts to unite the ISC, IFC, MGC, and NPHC as well as develop opportunities for joint programming and cross-council collaboration. 

Goals for the ISC: My primary goals for the ISC are to expand on our partnerships with the other three Greek councils and to provide opportunities for ISC women to participate in partnerships and initiatives that promote cross-council collaboration. I hope these initiatives will help to bridge the gap for a more united Greek community here at UVA. I also hope to promote further initiatives between the ISC and CIO’s to further promote an environment of positivity and empowerment here at UVA. 

Reasons to contact you: Please contact me with any questions regarding the Greek Programming Board or with any ideas for programming and connecting with any organizations on Grounds!

Contact information: ed8mt@virginia.edu

Zoe Pottow, Internal Interactions Chair

Year: 2nd
3 (1) 2

Major: Pre-Commerce

Hometown: Greenwich, CT

Why do you love being in a sorority? I love being in a sorority mainly because of the people.  Many of my best friends are people that I didn’t meet until joining my sorority.  It’s been a pivotal part of my growth as a college student and woman to be surrounded by a diverse group of individuals with similar core values.  Being in a sorority has provided me a place of comfort at UVa, while simultaneously expanding my network to an amazing, capable group of women.

What does External Interactions Chair entail?
My position entails organizing and executing events that unite sorority women and chapters on grounds.  This includes ISC woman of the month.

Goals for the ISC: I want to see each sorority member make a friend outside of their chapter this semester!  Greek-life is a great network and an amazing opportunity to learn about other academic, career or extracurricular interests.  When a new member joins their sorority, they are not only joining their chapter, but also a much greater organization for support.  I hope that each sorority member is able to exercise their full benefits of joining greek life at UVa, and explores the opportunity that the ISC provides.

Reasons to contact you: Please reach out to me if you ever want to chat about your experience in Greek Life or if you have any suggestions for inter-sorority events!  I am open to new ideas, and would love to collaborate with any sorority members.

Contact information: zbp3bp@virginia.edu

Maddie Baker, Scholarship Chair

unnamedYear: 3rd

Major: English with a History Minor

Hometown: Corpus Christi, TX

Why do you love being in a sorority? I love being in a sorority because I have been able to meet so many like-minded women in my chapter. I am always motivated by these women, and have met some of my best friends through participation in the ISC.

What does Scholarship Chair entail? My position entails helping to coordinate scholarships and promoting academic achievement within the ISC.

Goals for the ISC: To help motivate and reward academic achievements among Greek women. I would like to create a bigger network of women seeking to empower each other through academic pursuit. I would also like to connect sorority women who are interested in pursuing the similar career paths after college.

Reasons to contact you: Please contact me if you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions relating to academics or scholarship!

Contact information: meb5bc@virginia.edu