Rory Finnegan, President

Year: 3rd

Major: English (Area Program in Poetry Writing)

Hometown: Flemington, NJ
Why do you love being in a sorority?
Being in a sorority has not only provided me with my lifelong best friends, it has also provided me mentors, role models, and women who inspire me with their passions on a daily basis. It is truly incredible to see the range of activities and leadership positions that women in the ISC are involved in on Grounds. I am so thankful to be in an organization that empowers me to both improve the community and myself.

What does President entail? As President, I have the privilege of leading the largest women’s organization on Grounds. This entails interfacing with UVa administrators, faculty, students, and alumni on issues facing the greater Greek community. Within the ISC, at weekly meetings, I coordinate the actions of 16 ISC chapters and presidents for collective scholarship, philanthropy, and sisterhood events. 

Goals for the ISC: My goals for the coming year are both internal and external. Within the 16 ISC chapters, I hope to increase transparency and communication from the Executive Board to chapter leaders and members. I also hope to see the relationships between chapters strengthened for overall unity and support of women within our community regardless of affiliation. Additionally, through increased communication with other Greek councils and organizations on Grounds, I hope to increase focus on inclusivity, diversity, and positivity in both the Greek community and outside of it.  

Reasons to contact you: Please contact me if you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions for the ISC. Additionally, please reach out to me if your CIO or organization would like to co-sponsor an event with the ISC.

Contact information: ref8af@virginia.edu

Screen Shot 2017-01-28 at 1.03.45 PMLayla Bryant, Vice President of Administration

Year: 3rd

Major: Astronomy

Hometown: Stafford, VA

Why do you love being in a sorority? Being in a Sorority has helped me to grow in many parts of my life and it has made my college experience something I will always cherish. It has supported me through every turn and change of major. I’ve met women who inspire me and who I never would have met outside of my sorority. 

 What does VP of Administration entail? As Vice President of Administration, I work throughout the year on our New Member Education Program, leading the ISC Representatives body, managing the Inter-Sorority Council budget, and also keeping records of all meeting minutes.

Goals for the ISC: My goals for the ISC are to bring the member chapters together and become more involved in the Charlottesville community. I hope to help build ties to outside organizations and with other Greek councils. I want to work to prevent Sorority stereotypes and encourage diversity throughout our chapters. 

Reasons to contact you: Feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding the New Member Education program, the Inter-Sorority Council budget and finances, or the Inter-Sorority Council representative body. Also contact me for funding requests. 

Contact information: lab3xh@virginia.edu

sallySally Karstens, Vice President of Judiciary

Year: 3rd
Major: Chemistry
Hometown: Falls Church, VA
Why do you love being in a sorority? Being a member of such a large group of women has offered me a complete support system by way of role models, intelligent and loyal friends, and a succession of empowerment opportunities. I am inspired and proud to be a part of an organization that places so much emphasis on female advancement.
What does VP of Judiciary entail? As Vice President of Judiciary, I preside over the Judiciary Board, which aims to streamline communication between the ISC and chapters, and deals with questions and violations pertaining to the ISC Standards of Conduct, Bylaws, National Panhellenic Conference rules, and Recruitment Regulations.
Goals for the ISC: I am hoping to further the risk management aspect of the ISC through educational programming. I want to ensure that chapters can independently make smart decisions, and recognize the ISC as a resource to help attain that goal.
Reasons to contact you: Please contact me with any questions or issues regarding the Standards of Conduct, Bylaws, Recruitment Regulations, and/or NPC Rules. 
Contact information: slk2ja@virginia.edu


Brittany Bolick, Vice President of Recruitment- PNM Affairs

Year: 3rd

Major: Government and Drama

Hometown: Fredericksburg, VA

Why do you love being in a sorority? My sisters love, support and motivate me every day. Not only are they some of my best friends, but their tenacious and ambitious attitudes inspire me to reach my goals. I am lucky to be involved in an organization where I am constantly surrounded by some of the most hard-working, inspirational and influential women I have ever met.

What does VP of Recruitment entail? VPR is responsible for organizing and managing all aspects of Formal Recruitment for every ISC chapter. I will work with Recruitment representatives from each chapter throughout the year to ensure that we successfully integrate more women into our community.

Goals for the ISC: I want to create an inclusive, welcoming and supportive environment for both potential new members and sorority women during the recruitment process and beyond.

Reasons to contact you: If you have any questions regarding recruitment or recruitment regulations, please feel free to message me!

Contact information: bdb6wj@virginia.edu

Screen Shot 2017-04-24 at 9.47.55 AMCaroline Henderson, Vice President of Recruitment- Chapter Management

Year: 3rd 

Major: Foreign Affairs

Hometown: Mathews County, Virginia

Why do you love being in a sorority? Being in a sorority has provided me with the opportunity to meet some great people. Not only are my sisters my friends, but they are my role models. In addition to this, being a part of Greek life at UVA has exposed me to so many different philanthropic efforts and community service projects.

What does your job entail? VPR Chapter Manager is responsible for working with recruitment chairs and individual chapters to ensure a smooth recruitment process.

Goals for the ISC: I want to promote Greek life at UVA and make sure that potential new members feel as though the recruitment process is as inclusive as possible.

Reasons to contact you: Contact me with any questions regarding recruitment procedures or regulations.

Email: cdh2gp@virginia.edu

IMG_4828Zoe Denenberg, Public Relations Chair

Year: 2nd

Major: History and English (Area Program in Modern Literature and Culture)
 Short Hills, NJ

Why do you love being in a sorority? Being in the Greek community has allowed me to form friendships with an incredible diversity of women. Each day, my chapter members expose me to new experiences and challenge me to pursue my passions. The genuine support base I have found in Greek life is unlike that in any other community I am a part of on Grounds.

What does PR Chair entail? My position includes managing the ISC website as well as all of our social media accounts, promoting and organizing ISC events and recruitment, and facilitating communication and relationships among sororities, UVA organizations, and the larger Charlottesville community. In addition, I design marketing materials and write the weekly ISC newsletter, which publicizes sorority philanthropies, news, and events!

Goals for the ISC: My main goal for this year is to broaden the reach of the ISC and find new ways of sharing all of the incredible things that our women are doing. In being creative, I hope to illustrate what it really means to be Greek here at the University. Broadening our reach and increasing awareness is essential to the success of all of our endeavors including the promotion of individual chapters’ philanthropies. 

Reasons to contact you: Please contact me if you have any interest in working with or communicating with the ISC. Reach out if you’d like something in our weekly newsletter – I’m happy to consider promoting any news or event related to Greek life in the UVA/Charlottesville community.

Contact information: zad4hc@virginia.edu 

unnamedCamille Larmoyeux, Wellness Chair

Year: 2nd

Major: History and Public Policy

Hometown: Palm Beach, FL

Why do you love being in a sorority? I love the support system that my sisterhood gives me. Not only do we make amazing memories and have outrageous fun together, but more importantly my sisters are always here for me when times are tough. When I walk through the doors of my chapter, I know that I can rely on these women to be supportive and encouraging. I’m so thankful that the Greek community led me to such a great group of women.

What does Wellness Chair entail? As wellness chair I am in charge of helping to raise awareness of the special needs of all young women especially in navigating the pressures placed on us at UVA. It is difficult to find a “happy medium” with regards to physical and mental health. I want to encourage women to strive for that balance and combat negative forces as an entire community.  

Goals for the ISC: Trying to balance studies, relationships, and living a healthy lifestyle can seem to be overwhelming at times. My goal for the ISC relies on relieving the stress that young women face. From formal recruitment to every day life, I plan on raising awareness about the difficulty of maintaining both physically and mentally healthy lifestyles, while being a fully engaged community member. I would like to establish a Wellness Week Inter-Sorority Initiate, whereby each sorority would establish wellness goals and attend various workshops involving stress, healthy relationships, nutrition, and mindfulness. The idea here is not only to educate oneself on the importance of wellness, but to engage with other chapters and realize that all sororities are sisters who share common goals and desire a healthy and happy life. 

Reasons to contact you: I understand that it is difficult to find a balance especially when there are such demands placed on women in our society. I want to be an ally, but also a friend for those of you who feel overwhelmed at times. Whether its the stress that you feel from classes, relationships, body image, social life, or anything in between, I will be a listening ear or a shoulder to cry on. In the end, we are all sorority women who feel the same pressures and stresses.

Contact information: cml4wm@virginia.edu

DSC_0338Olivia Henderson, Community Service Chair

Year: 3rd

Major: Biology / Minor in Bioethics

Hometown: Fairfax, VA

Why do you love being in a sorority? Being in a sorority has been a life-changing experience. The element that I love most about being in a sorority is discovering different opportunities in and outside of the UVA community through the passions and interests of my fellow sisters.

What does Community Service Chair entail? In my position as community service chair I plan community service events for all chapters of the ISC, help promote our partnership with the Women’s Center, and serve as a resource for chapter philanthropy chairs.

Goals for the ISC: This year, I hope to to increase our presence not only in the UVA but also the larger Charlottesville community through service, encourage increased philanthropy attendance for all chapters, and work hand in hand with the Women’s Center.

Reasons to contact you: If you have any projects you are passionate about, I would love to incorporate those ideas into our community service plans for the semester!

Contact information: oah5ue@virginia.edu

Samantha Newman, Internal Interactions Chair

Year: 3rd

Major: Cognitive Science / Minor in Bioethics

Hometown: Vienna, VA

Why do you love being in a sorority? I am constantly supported by the women in my chapter as they empower me to take on new challenges and inspire me with their passions and friendship. The women in my chapter have made my time at UVA extraordinary and also have added a sense of humor and lightness in my life.

What does Internal Interactions Chair entail?  As Internal Relations Chair, I aim to establish unity and friendship between sororities at UVA, work to select Inter-Sorority Council Women of the Month, and design Inter-Sorority Council events. 

Goals for the ISC: As the ISC Internal Relations Chair, my goals include strengthening connections between sorority chapters, acknowledging more achievement within the ISC such as philanthropy and community service work, and creating inter-sorority events for members of our community. 

Reasons to contact you: Please contact me for Inter-Sorority Council Woman of the Month nominations, ideas for sorority-wide programs, or any questions about my position.

Contact information: snn8fs@virginia.edu

DSC_0355Leslie Hamic, External Interactions Chair

Year: 3rd

Major: French and Economics

Hometown: Memphis, TN

Why do you love being in a sorority? When college life gets stressful or overwhelming, my sorority is the place I feel at home. At the same time, I feel lucky to be surrounded by women who push me to be the best version of myself. I’m so thankful for the genuine, supportive friends I’ve made through my sorority who I know will be in my life for years to come.

What does External Interactions Chair entail? As External Interactions Chair, I aim to foster beneficial connections between the ISC and other Greek councils, UVA organizations and the Charlottesville community. I also work to provide opportunities for ISC women to become involved in events hosted by other groups that are geared towards values we share, such as service, scholarship and student leadership.

Goals for the ISC: I hope to provide opportunities for ISC women to work together and with other members of the greater community to invoke positive change.

Reasons to contact you: If you have questions about or ideas for connections between the ISC and another organization!

Contact information: lmh5ub@virginia.edu

DSC_0403Rachael Klein, Scholarship Chair

Year: 3rd

Major: American Studies

Hometown: Stamford, CT

Why do you love being in a sorority? I love being in a sorority because it makes a such large school feel small. I have completely broadened my network of friends and mentors! I truly feel much more connected and comfortable at UVA. 

What does Scholarship Chair entail? My position entails helping to coordinate scholarships and promoting academic achievement within the ISC. 

Goals for the ISC: To help motivate and reward academic achievements among Greek women. I also want to connect women from different chapters who have the same academic interests through a mentorship program. Lastly, I want to further promote study abroad options. 

Reasons to contact you: Please contact me if you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions relating to academics or scholarship!

Contact information: rlk9vg@virginia.edu

unnamed-2Isabel Erdman, Assistant Vice President of Recruitment for PNM Affairs

Year: 2nd
Major: Speech Pathology, English
Hometown: Suffolk, VA
Why do you love being in a sorority? I love being in a sorority because I have been given so many more opportunities for leadership positions and philanthropic pursuits as well as being able to be a part of an inclusive community of women who I share interests and qualities with. The women in my chapter have changed my life and have made my experience at this university a million times better than if I had not joined a sorority.
What does your job entail? The Assistant Vice President of Recruitment for PNM Affairs (AVPR) is a two year position in which the first year, I am the assistant to the Vice President of Recruitment of PNM Affairs (VPR) and the second year I am the VPR of PNM Affairs. My partner, the VPR of Chapter Management, and I plan and execute recruitment together while splitting up the responsibilities between chapter management and PNM affairs.
Goals for the ISC: I would like for the ISC to become more inclusive to not only each Greek sorority and fraternity, but also non-Greek organizations as well by creating a community through shared philanthropic events and cross participation.
Reasons to contact you: If you are a PNM, sorority member, fraternity member, or even a non-Greek member of the university and have any questions or advice about the recruitment process, I would love to be of assistance. I am very open to everyone’s opinions and I do not plan on excluding any group of students when making decisions.
Contact Informationine2up@virginia.edu

DSC_0431Hally Carver, Assistant Vice President of Recruitment for Chapter Management

Year: 2nd

Major: Commerce 

Hometown: Houston, TX

Why do you love being in a sorority? Being in a sorority has placed me in both the community of my sorority and the community of the ISC that allows me to be known and has offered mentorship during my time at UVA. I continue to be inspired by the passion and leadership of the ISC, and I appreciate the support I feel from this group of my peers. 

What does your job entail? I will work with the other members of the ISC Exec, Potential New Members, and Chapter Representatives to ensure a favorable recruitment season. 

 Goals for the ISC: I hope that the ISC can foster a transparent and cohesive environment for the 16 chapters on grounds. Additionally, I hope the ISC can continue to be a part of all aspects of life on grounds and be welcoming to a diverse group of new members.

Reasons to contact you: Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns regarding the recruitment process. 

Email: hfc8ec@virginia.edu

DSC_0438Mallory Leidinger, Pi Chi Co-Director 

Year: Third 

Major: Commerce, Finance & Marketing 

Hometown: Ashburn, Virginia 

Why do you love being in a sorority?: I love connecting with intelligent and driven women from diverse backgrounds who inspire me to be my best self. Also, being a part of the greater ISC community, which leaves a positive and visible footprint on UVa’s landscape, is incredibly rewarding. 

What does Pi Chi Co-Director entail?: As one of the Pi Chi Co-Directors, I am in charge of recruiting, selecting, training, and assisting the Panhellenic Counselors (“Pi Chis”). Our job is to prepare the Pi Chis for the challenging and rewarding experience of helping Potential New Members navigate Formal Recruitment. 

Goals for the ISC: Transparency with Potential New Members, engagement with the greater Greek community 

Reasons to contact you: For information regarding the Pi Chi Program (Pi Chi applications will be available during the Fall 2017 semester) 

Contact Information: cml7bb@virginia.edu 

unnamed-1Lucy Rose, Pi Chi Co-Director

Year: 3rd 
Major: Psychology and Youth and Social Innovation
Hometown: Harrisonburg, VA
Why do you love being in a sorority? I love being in a sorority because it has given me an abundance of opportunities to form incredible friendships, as well as grow as an individual. 
What does Pi Chi Co-Director entail? Pi Chi Directors are in charge of recruiting, selecting, training, and assisting the Panhellenic Counselors who serve Potential New Members during the Formal Recruitment process. Our job is to prepare the Pi Chis for the challenging and rewarding experience of helping women navigate Recruitment and make difficult decisions regarding their sorority involvement. We spend the spring semester planning, the fall semester recruiting and training, and the month of January working with the entire ISC community as the Recruitment process unfolds. Overall, we hope to make the recruitment process both a positive and inclusive experience for all potential new members. 
Reasons to contact you: For information regarding the Pi Chi Program (Pi Chi applications will be available during the Fall 2017 semester) 

Contact InformationLcr2tx@virginia.edu