Congrats to our April Woman of the Month, Isa Gallegos!

Congrats to our April ISC Woman of the Month, Isa Gallegos! Isa is supremely intelligent, with a passion for helping the world and finding the U.S. place in it. Each week, she mentors a young girl who couldn’t love her more. She recently volunteered to a position reviewing her chapter’s budget, and has more than taken the lead on being a realistic cost cutter. She more than deserves recognition for all the amazing, kind, wonderful things she does every day. It’s just in her nature. Keep up the great work, Isa! 






The ISC Woman of the Month embodies the five pillars of character recognized by the Inter-Sorority Council and all sorority women:

  1. Sisterhood
  2. Service
  3. Scholarship
  4. Support
  5. Student Leadership.

Scholarship – serves to measure the nominee’s commitment to her studies and pursuit of academic excellence.

Service and Student Leadership – the nominee must demonstrate a recognition of the importance of philanthropic service and leadership, whether through her chapter’s programs or on her own initiative and enthusiasm.

Sisterhood and Support – as a sister, the nominee is one who can always be counted on regardless of the task. As a woman, her dedication to those around her within the Inter-Sorority, University, Charlottesville communities are unparalleled.

Although we welcome self-recommendations, we are excited to acknowledge and appreciate those who recognize the contributions of their Panhellenic sisters.

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