Instructions for Reporting System

Before completing a Standard Complaint Form, please read the following:

1.  By submitting a complaint form, you are bound by the University Honor code and agree that the information enter is to the best of you knowledge valid and not fabricated for malicious or hurtful intent. If discovered the report was fabricated, the ISC will fill honor charges against those responsible.

2.  Before submitting a complaint form, please read through the Bylaws, Recruitment Regulations, and/or Standards of Conduct to be sure what you are reporting is a violation of the policies. These can be found on the ISC Website under Judicial Board.

3.  Before submitting a complaint form, you must discuss the charges with your chapter president if you are part of the University Greek system.

4. Filling out the form will not necessarily result in a mediation/trial. There will be an investigation if the claims seem valid. Please be aware that if an investigation takes place, the Vice President of Judiciary may need to discuss with you the incident reported. Please be sure to fill-out the form as complete and detailed as possible.

What happens once a form is sent in:

The Vice President of Judiciary will review the form looking for:

1.  The report is filled out completely.

2.  The reporter has spoken with chapter president if they are Greek (e-mail will be sent to president of reporter’s chapter to confirm).

3. Validity of the report (does the report seem accurate at first glance).

4.  Actual violation occurrence (check that a possible violation did occur).

5.  Enough evidence to pursue an investigation.

If the report fails any of the 5 areas, no investigation will ensue.

If the report passes all 5 areas, then investigation will ensue:

  • Possible meeting or follow-up with reporter for complete details
  • Meeting with President of reporter’s chapter
  • If investigation concludes with enough evidence then offending chapter(s) president(s) will be contacted and the judicial process will continue further

If you chose to report an incident, please know that your identity will remain confidential

To submit a report, email Sally Karstens at

You can find the Standard Complaint Form here.