If you would like to report a Standards of Conduct infraction, please first speak with your chapter president. Only chapter presidents and members of the ISC Recruitment Exec have the authority to submit a form to the ISC Vice President of Judiciary. Once the president of the reporting chapter is aware of the infraction, the president has the ability to decide whether she would like to handle it via reaching out directly and informally to the accused chapter, or by submitting a Standards of Conduct complaint form to the ISC VPJ via a word document attachment and sending it to This is considered formally reporting the infraction. The VPJ will then follow up with both the reporting party and the accused party to arrange a mediation. If the mediation does not lead to a resolution, that is, if the reporting party and accused party do not come to a consensus on how to fix the situation, the matter will become an official judicial hearing (this is extremely rare). 

To submit a report, email Lauren Overly at


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