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Year: 4th

Major: Nursing

Goals for the year: This year, my goals center around working with the other Greek Councils at UVa for collaborative outreach and education to our members, as well as creating a sense of unity among the Greek community.

Contact me about: Suggestions, concerns, and co-sponsoring events

Fun fact: I am on the club climbing team!

Email: kmh5cy@virginia.edu

Instagram: @kat.hall


Vice President of Judiciary

Year: 4th

Major: Economics and Chinese

Goals for the year: My main goal is to make the standards among the ISC and IFC more equitable.

Contact me about: Contact me if you have any ideas about improving the ISC community with regards to our bylaws and constitution

Fun fact: Last summer, I interned in Shanghai for three months

Email: lao3md@virginia.edu

Instagram: @laurenoverly


Vice President of Recruitment - PNM Affairs

Year: 4th

Major: Psychology

Goals for the year: To ensure that each and every Potential New Member feels supported by the Inter-Sorority Council no matter their membership or affiliation with the ISC

Contact me about: Formal Recruitment, Informal Recruitment, and any recruitment process in general.

Fun fact: I am a MAJOR foodie!

Email: kek3de@virginia.edu

Instagram: @katiekirk601


Vice President of Recruitment - Chapter Management

Year: 4th

Major: Nursing

Goals for the year: My goals for this year include working with the LGBTQ+ center and community in order to educate and increase recruitment of transgender women, work with individual chapters in order to ensure their concerns and ideas are heard and work with ISC chapters to improve Formal and Informal Recruitment.

Contact me about: Questions or concerns about recruitment

Fun fact: I have been a part of the Virginia Quidditch Club since my first semester at UVA

Email: pab6xn@virginia.edu

Instagram: @peytonannb207


Vice President of Finance

Year: 3rd

Major: Commerce

Goals for the year: I hope to increase accessibility for current members and incoming members through the development of more scholarships as well as making financial information and resources readily available to all ISC women.

Contact me about: Questions regarding the ISC budget, scholarships or financial information related to recruitment.

Fun fact: I'm a huge Buffalo Bills and Boston Red Sox fan!

Email: ccs9rf@virginia.edu

Instagram: @clare13scully


Pi Chi Director

Year: 4th

Major: Global Security & Justice and French

Goals for the year: My main goal is to cultivate the most supportive, loving, and energetic environment possible for PNMs. I also hope to promote inter-sorority bonds by creating a close-knit Pi Chi community.

Contact me about: Any interests in or questions about being a Pi Chi for 2021 Formal Recruitment!

Fun fact: I’m a triplet!

Email: cjs7er@virginia.edu
Instagram: caroline_still


Public Relations Co-Chair

Year: 4th

Major: Media Studies and American Studies

Goals for the year: My goal for the year is to use social media to show the UVA community what the ISC is really about and to brighten people's day with sisterhood shoutouts and more. 

Contact me about: Any ISC social media, the recruitment video, or getting your chapter's philanthropy promoted

Fun fact: I've been to the Super Bowl!

Email: slt9kq@virginia.edu

Instagram: @sydneytuckman


Public Relations Co-Chair

Year: 4th

Major: Media Studies (focus in Media Ethics) and American Studies

Goals for the year: My main goal is to spread a positive image of the ISC across grounds and get chapter women more involved in the larger ISC community!

Contact me about: Sisterhood shoutouts, new member spotlights, Insta posts, and any ideas to improve our social media!

Fun fact: I was in a Polly Pocket commercial when I was in fifth grade!

Email: lst3ey@virginia.edu

Instagram: @leahtaylor_12


Wellness Chair

Year: 4th

Major: Nursing

Goals for the year: This year, I would love to promote mental well-being by educating sorority women about the benefits of using mindfulness techniques in times of great stress. I also want to make sure that all ISC members feel supported and loved throughout their experience in a sorority.

Contact me about: Questions regarding health and wellness, ideas for how I can help create a supportive community, or if you just need to talk!

Fun fact: I have toe thumbs

Email: oej3aw@virginia.edu

Instagram: @ojacobs13


Sisterhood Chair

Year: 3rd

Major: Psychology

Goals for the year: This year I would like to implement initiatives to strengthen the existing bonds between all 15 chapters as well as the ISC presence on Grounds. My goal is to forge stronger relationships between the chapters as a whole, as well as between their members as individuals in order to create a more cohesive and meaningfully connected community.

Contact me about: Please feel free to contact me with any questions or ideas you have about the ISC community, inner-chapter relations, or sisterhood events!

Fun fact: I love gardening!

Email: caa3br@virginia.edu

Instagram: @claire_adele_


Women's Issues Chair

Year: 3rd

Major: Psychology and Drama

Goals for the year: My main goal for this year is to make sure that all women on grounds feel heard and seen by the community at large. I hope to see all women feel safe, connected, empowered, powerful, and appreciated. The ISC should be a place where women can come to feel this way, and we should use our power and influence to leave a positive mark on UVa's history!

Contact me about: Any sort of Women's Issue! This could be mental health, physical health, sexual assault prevention, positive sex education, feminism, representation, empowerment, equality, and SO much more!

Fun fact: I am super involved with theatre on grounds!

Email: ahh3um@virginia.edu

Instagram: @aubreyhhill


Diversity and Outreach Chair

Year: 3rd

Major: Neuroscience

Goals for the year: My main goal this year is to make all women feel welcome within the ISC. I also hope to collaborate with other Greek and UVa organizations to create inclusive philanthropic and social events.

Contact me about: Please contact me if you have any ideas to promote inclusion within Greek Life and collaboration with other organizations at UVa!

Fun fact: My favorite hobby is recreating Bob Ross paintings!

Email: hjc2yw@virginia.edu

Instagram: @hannah.cahill


Community Service Chair

Year: 4th

Major: Biomedical Engineering

Goals for the year: My goal for this year is to bring service to the forefront of the sorority community. The Maxine Platzer Lynn Women's Center does amazing work, and I would like sorority women to have more opportunities to become engaged with the Women's Center.

Contact me about: If you are a part of an organization that you think would be a great partner for an ISC service event or if you have any ideas about service events, please contact me!

Fun fact: The first concert that I went to was a Hannah Montana concert and the Jonas Brothers were the opening act.

Email: irp3ac@virginia.edu

Instagram: @isabella_posey_

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