Formal recruitment is a four-round process that places over 900 women into 15 sororities. During each round, potential new members (PNMs) meet sorority women from each chapter and learn about each chapter’s values and character. With each round, PNM’s visit fewer houses as they figure out where they are best suited. After a matching process, PNMs receive a bid card from one of two sororities the PNM visited in Preferential Round. Throughout recruitment, PNM’s and sorority women are not allowed to talk to each other outside rounds to ensure equal treatment.



Formal Recruitment takes place at the beginning of the second semester. As a result, PNMs have the opportunity to get settled at UVA, meet other students, and focus on their studies before choosing whether or not to participate.



Registration for Formal Recruitment will open July 1st and close on December 2nd. The cost of registration increases the closer to the deadline. For exact prices, please reference the chart below




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