Who can participate in Informal Recruitment?

Second, third, and fourth years, and transfer non-affiliated women may participate in Informal Recruitment. If you received a bid during Formal Recruitment in the spring, you will not be eligible to receive a bid during Informal Recruitment.

Why should I participate in Informal Recruitment?

Due to the informality of the events, Informal Recruitment is a fun and relaxed process during which potential new members (PNMs) can meet sorority women and find a chapter without having to go through the Formal Recruitment Process. Plus, there is no fee!

When is Informal Recruitment?

The informal recruitment period has officially ended for Fall for 2017, and will begin again in Fall 2018, but contact Hally Carver (hfc8ec@virginia.edu) for individual opportunities if interested.

What is COB?

Continuous open bidding (COB) is a method of informal recruitment that happens year-round. As of Spring semester 2018, 15 chapters are eligible for COB. If you are interested in this process, fill out this form so that your information can be available to the participating chapters. 

To learn more view the Informal Recruitment Powerpoint.